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  • Meditation

    4th Jul 2019 by

    “The thing about meditation is: You become more and more you.” — David Lynch Step One Make a daily routine. Make a time out for meditation from your daily life. You can do a Meditation for 2 mins or for 2 hrs. It depends on you. Make sure to meditate at the same time everyday.… Read more

  • Yoga Flow

    14th Jul 2019 by

    Yoga flow is nothing but a sequence of yoga poses. However, it should go with a flow. You could rest in between the flow. Breath deeply while doing yoga flow. Breathing is an important aspect in the flow exercise. Any one can form the yoga flow by adding their favourite yoga postures. However, one should… Read more

  • Yoga

    11th Jul 2019 by

    Yoga is an ancient form of practice for relaxation. It includes meditation, breathing exercises, body postures and sun salutation. It helps to improve our physical and mental health. It is very useful for balancing chakras of our body. Yoga reduces anxiety and depression. First, join the yoga classes to learn yoga postures for a few… Read more

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